The Collaborative for Student Achievement

Listed below are the ways you can connect with us and our services as well as by calling our Welcome Center at (970) 491-7095.

Our office hours are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Connect With Our Services

 Connect with an Exploratory Studies Advisor 

Schedule an appointment online
• Students can also email their advisor directly.  Assigned advisors can be found on RamWeb.
• Students not assigned to an Undeclared Advisor can call (970) 491-7095 to connect with an advisor via on-call advising


 Connect with a Health Professions Advisor 

Current CSU students
Schedule an appointment online

Prospective students, graduate students and Alumni
• Email or call (970) 491-7095 to schedule a phone appointment


 Connect with a Community for Excellence Scholar Contact 

Students who are members of the Community for Excellence should check their email for links to make appointments to connect with their Scholar Contact.  Students can find the name of their Scholar Contact by logging into Ramweb and viewing the “Support Network”. General questions can be directed to (970) 491-0467. Students are also welcome to email their Scholar Contact to set up a meeting.

• Email
• Call (970) 491-0467


 Connect with a Collegiate Success Coach 

• Email
• Call (970) 491-7095 to schedule an appointment


 Connect with the Fostering Success Program (FSP) 

• Email
• Call (970) 491-7095 to schedule an appointment


 Connect with Key Communities 

• Students who are members of the Key Communities are encouraged to reach out directly to their Key Coordinator.  Their contact information can be found at the Key Communities website under the “Staff” tab.

• Parents, families and prospective students can contact Key Communities at or (970) 491-2366.


 Connect with Orientation & Transition Programs 

• Call (970) 491-6011
• Email


 Connect with the Undeclared Technology Resource Center 

• Email
• Visit

Staff members encourage you to reach out to them directly via email.
Their contact information can be found at the top of this page on our Staff Directory under the “About Us” tab.

For general information, appointments, directions or to contact a staff member, please call us!
(970) 491-7095