The Collaborative for Student Achievement is a former department at Colorado State.   It continues to be a physical location on the east side of Canvas Stadium.  The departments and units listed below share a space and a common Business Operations and Technical Support team.

Advising Development and TrainingStudent Achievement (1074)

Training sessions for Advisors and Academic Success Coordinators, both new and continuing, on the many tools, resources, and best practices on campus.



Community for Excellence Scholar ProgramsStudent Success (1075)Enriches students’ successful transition to the campus community, enhances sense of belonging, connection, and integration to CSU, and guides students to graduation.
Fostering Success ProgramStudent Affairs (8011)The Fostering Success Program at CSU is a donor funded community of about 200 students from independent backgrounds and CSU faculty/staff volunteers that provide scholarships, fun events, academic support, and many other resources to Rams.
Key CommunitiesStudent Success (1075)Offers a welcoming environment that honors individual life stories by bringing together dedicated students from diverse backgrounds in a community that supports student success
Health Professions AdvisingStudent Achievement (1074)Assists students in exploring and preparing for careers in human and animal health, through academic, community and professional engagement.
Orientation and Transition ProgramsStudent Affairs (8011)Building upon the connections established at orientation and continued through transition programs, new students engage with student leaders, staff and faculty to learn about academic and personal success as they aspire to graduate from CSU.
Outreach and Support ProgramsStudent Achievement (1074)Provides academic guidance and resources to assist students in overcoming challenges, fosters a support network for students, and promotes university-wide outreach initiatives to increase student success.
Exploratory Studies Student AdvisingStudent Achievement (1074)Honor each student’s unique life story, guide students in their transition to college life, and engage students in academic exploration and development.

Additional connections

University Learning Communities InitiativeCoordinating efforts between all the learning communities at CSU 
Taking StockCollaborates with Residential Life, Transfer Transition Programs, International Programs, and Off-Campus Life to distribute  a survey for new students at the beginning of the semester followed up with individual conversations with students.  Works with academic departments to implement   Early Performance Feedback with targeted first year courses, and coordinates outreach from Housing staff and Academic Success Coordinators/Advisers . Collaborate with TiLT Learning Programs to implement U-Turn, a one-day event in fall and in spring for students who want to improve their academic performance. 
Scholastic Standards CommitteeCoordinates the Scholastic Standards Faculty Council committee who reviews academic dismissal appeals and retroactive withdrawal appeals, and provide communication to students regarding their scholastic standards status.


Dismissal Appeals:
Retroactive Withdrawals: